The Wellington Soccer Association is governed by an Executive Board elected by WSA members.  Nominations to the Executive Board are accepted at the October board meeting for positions with terms expiring that year.  Elections are held at the November board meeting with terms beginning immediately.  If you are interested in helping in any role, please let any of the following people know.  

Current Board Members



Term Ends

Dan Pilgrim President 2025
Kelly Wiles Vice President 2024
Lydia Edwards Secretary 2025
Camden Cottrell Treasurer 2024
Becky Loughin Registrar 2024
Garrett Gerken Sportsmanship Director 2025
Josh Kazmierczak Coaching Director 2024
Becky Loughin In-House Director 2023



Various functions within Wellington Soccer Association are handled by committees.  Committee leaders are appointed by the WSA president and approved by the Executive Board.  Committee leaders are appointed for a one-year term.  In addition to the following, special committees may be created by the Executive Board as needed.

Committee Chairpersons

Josh Kazmierczak Camp & Clinic Committee
Dan Pilgrim Uniform Committee
Matthew Deaton Field & Equipment Committee
Sarah Gerken Fundraising Committee
Mark Wright Webmaster



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