• WSA Bylaws Updated

    After thorough discussion at the November board meeting, changes were suggested for the WSA Bylaws. After a vote by all membership present, the changes were approved and became effective. These were the first changes to the bylaws since 2014.

    Changes that were made dealt with many aspects of the organization that have changed as youth soccer has evolved since the last revisions. For instance, leagues have changed since then and coach training now has different requirements. Our “In-House” program has completely changed since we have moved to the Kick Start program. Other changes deal with the executive board’s ability to remove a coach from their position, an option for the registrar to be compensated, and the general procedure for making amendments to the Bylaws.

    You can review the WSA Bylaws at http://wellington-soccer.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/WSABylaws_as_Amended2018.pdf

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